Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM) 사진
Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM)
Department Office, 1770


In a vacuum, a high-speed electron used as a light source in an electronic gun interacts with the electron as it collides with the surface of the sample, creating a secondary electron (SE) or backscattered electron (BSE). The detector uses this to observe the surface of the sample.


1) Model : Vega3
2) Company : TESCAN


Information on sample surfaces such as metals, minerals, ceramics, cement, glass, plastic, rubber, oil, paints, organisms, semiconductor IC, direct circuits, electronic components, etc. can be obtained without significant restrictions on sample size.


- Preparation : Sample, Nitrile Gloves
- Manual
1. run the Vega TC program
2. After sampling, coat Au use the instrument.
3. After loading the sample, grab the instrument and click the [pump] button to regain vacuum
4. Find the desired position of the sample at low magnification and then make a high magnification measurement.
5. After completing the measurement, press the Vent button in the program to release the vacuum completely and remove the sample from the instrument.
6. After taken off sample, click [PUMP] to vacuum. after confirming that the vacuum is completely caught, exit.
- Reservation : Preparation of a reservation diary and receipt of keys in the department office
Available only to students who have received user training every semester (February and August).